A Shout To Make Me Whole Again (English Edition)

Clarisse Dall’Acqua

Caring for oneself and always for others, especially children, is a key element to understand the nuances of behaviors generated by episodes of sexual abuse or violence. “A Shout to Make Me Whole Again” is a warning sign, blinking incessantly with the objective of contributing and, perhaps, bothering.

It is through the passing of pain that wounds are recognized and healing processes are experienced. Clarisse’s perspective, connecting dots, undoing knots, and weaving new plots allowed the unveiling and the recognition of her integrity. She seeks the learnings, so as to change her response pattern and walk on, reaffirming her utopia for a new world. Her revolution speaks of contents from the inside of her soul in the search for new postures, a deep and creative transformation through the power of written communication.

For more than 50 years, she has aimed at the horizon and followed her path. She built an objective kingdom, jumping over rocks into the abyss. But she lacked healing and liberation, which came through the writing. Revisiting the past seemed to her the natural path where, through a dense narrative and very light strokes, she could deconstruct and re-signify her ancestral pain, her guilt, her losses, her joys, and her challenges.

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