Succenergy: Activate your energy. Discover all your success inside you. (English Edition)

Tânia Tomé

Activate your energy and discover the success inside you. That’s what Tânia Tomé hopes to help readers do with her newly released book Succenergy. Based on years of successful training, coaching, and workshops to companies and public and private organizations globally, Succenergy is an integrated coaching model for motivation and leadership, a method of support for personal and organizational development. Associating cognitive knowledge with emotional balance, its tools will help employees, entrepreneurs, leaders and individuals achieve their goals. To date, more than five million people have enjoyed the warmth, motivation and transformational influence of her business, personal development events, lectures, coaching sessions, television and radio programs and appearances, books and public events. Honored as one of the “100 Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) Under 40 in the World” , her work has been embraced by personalities, state presidents, ministries, and many celebrities and CEOs around the world.

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